Tubes & Float Trips

We are your 1-Stop Shop for TUBES & SHUTTLES!


 1- Trip Shuttle:  $10/per ride

Tube (with or without bottom):  $10

Cooler Tube: $15

Tube & Shuttle Combo: $15

All tube rentals require a $20 deposit.


Shuttles start at 10:00 AM and stop running at 5:00 PM (maybe earlier depending on the float times) and are on a first come, first serve basis.  Please plan to arrive early to get your tubes as we do run out on occasion.

We shuttle up river and drop off for the “short float” at the “Kenneth Arthur/Frio Country” Crossing OR “Seven Bluffs” for the “long float”.   (We only drop off….we do not pick up.)

When you get back to Neal’s you will have to walk up the hill to return your tubes.

ariel river-revised

If the river is flowing at a dangerous rate, we have the right not to rent tubes, etc.

(Your safety is important to us!)